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Put the heat where you need it

The Woo Warmer is a portable heating pad that puts the heat wherever you need it. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at home or at the office. Cold feet are the worst. Chilly floors can freeze your toes. When two pairs of socks and slippers do not thaw out your feet, you need a wonderful Woo Warmer.

Tiles, concrete floors, hard wood, freezing offices, and old, drafty homes cannot defeat Woo Warmer. Warming up your day is now as simple as plugging in your Hot Carpet®.



What size suits you?


The small size Hot Carpet® (71.5" X 33.5", 180 Watts) is perfect for providing a lot of heat in a small space. 

In your bathroom : Try a Hot Carpet® under a bath mat so you don’t lose your warmth after a nice, hot shower.
Under your pet’s bed : Your furry friends will snuggle right up to the extra warmth from the Woo Warmer.
Next to your bed : Make the first and last steps you take each day your best and warmest ones!
In front of the sofa : Put it on the floor in front of the sofa. Rest your feet on it to soak up the warmth of the radiant heat.



    The medium size (69.5" X 69.5", 500 Watts) Hot Carpet® is great for warming up areas where you spend a bit more time.

    In your living area : Perfect for in front of your couch or favorite chair to warm up wherever you like to read, watch TV, and relax.
    Under your desk : If your office is cold year-round, you can stay warm without a bulky space heater by heating your feet under your desk.
    Garage : Don’t let the winter months keep you from using your garage – the Woo Warmer provides just enough heat to keep it comfortable while you work.
    Under a sleeping bag : A Hot Carpet® fits perfectly under a sleeping bag for camping during winter months.





      Need to warm up a little more ground? The large size (92" x 76.5”, 720 Watts) Hot Carpet® covers more area as you move around – or lets you share the warmth.

      Under an exercise or yoga mat : Place a Woo Warmer under your yoga mat to keep you warm while you practice.
      Kid’s play area : Little ones who are playing on the floor need to stay warm too! The Hot Carpet® is a safe source of heat for both kids and adults.
      Basement : Your basement is likely the chilliest room in your whole house. The Woo Warmer can keep it comfortable during the winter months, whether you use it for work or play.






      Control Hot Carpet® 24/7

      Put your Hot Carpet® on a 24-hour timer. Have warm comfortable floors when you wake up in the morning. Even use a timer on the models with auto shutoff to give warm radiant floor heat all the time.

      It takes a while to get a fire going when you get away to your mountain cabin. Connect Hot Carpet® to a smart Wi-Fi plug to turn it on remotely before you arrive. No more shivering while waiting for a fire to warm up the place.

      Where we have Wooed!

      Our customers get creative when it comes to using their Woo Warmer – so should you!

      Here’s just a few of the unique places warmed up by the Hot Carpet® by Woo Warmer:

       Old farm homes Yoga studios
      Boats Cabins
      Trailers and campers Childcare and daycare centers
      Greenhouses New homes
      Offices Basement with concrete floors

      Where will you use your Woo Warmer? – Don’t forget to share your story!


      Tips for using your Woo Warmer:

      1. Use an anti-skid pad underneath on smooth surfaces for safety it will also help increase heating efficiency.
      2. Always use a rug, carpet, to cover your Hot Carpet to prevent low temperature burns. The cover will improve radiant floor heat efficiency.
      3. Turn it on first thing in the morning so it is warm by breakfast time.
      4. Position strategically in high use areas so everyone can walk comfortably around your home or office.
      5. Test the temperature settings to find what works best for you in each location.
      6. Place a Hot Carpet® in the rooms that get extra chilly above your basement or garage.
      7. Rooms with lots of windows may feel extra cold in the winter. These are a great place for a Woo Warmer to help take the chill off the air.
      8. Stretch or lay down on your Hot Carpet®. The warmth is soothing on stiff, sore muscles in your back.