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Woo Warmers create warm personal spaces

Hot Carpet® by Woo Warmer builds warmer relationships one customer at a time. We know you will love the Hot Carpet® when you buy it. It warms your body from the toes up. It’s the perfect portable floor heating solution that allows you to create warm personal spaces at home and work.

If the floor of your home, office, or work space leaves you feeling chilly, Hot Carpet® is the solution you’ve been searching for. It radiates heat through your feet to warm your body. Hot Carpet® by Woo Warmer is a versatile personal electric heater you can use in any space you need instant warmth. There’s no need to rip up your floor or spend extra money cranking up the heat. To use Hot Carpet®, just cover it with a rug or carpet and plug it in.

Put it on the floor of any building anywhere there is space. It provides the radiant heat you need. Not only does it heat the air around you, never have freezing cold toes again.


Works on any surface

Your Hot Carpet® works on any surface. Concrete, tiles, carpet and wood. Put it onto an anti-skid pad for safety and cover with a rug. It also increases the efficiency of the radiant heat. Position it so it is most effective for the people in the room.

There is no need to heat the whole house when only using a small area. The air temperature could be 80 degrees but you still might have chilly floors. Your solution? Easy! Get a wonderful Woo Warmer. The Woo Warmer heats up the immediate area for a fraction of the cost of conventional heating.



Top Features

The Woo Warmer is a versatile personal electric heater for use in any space you need instant warmth. Lay the Hot Carpet® out on the floor, cover with a rug and plug it in.

Why choose the Hot Carpet® by Woo Warmer?

  • Ideal for under-desk warmth at work or for relaxing around your home.
  • Cost-effective and 100% safe to operate.
  • Adjustable temperature so it’s just right.
  • One-year warranty and excellent customer service.

Our priority is building warmer relationships, one customer at a time

Create personal heat zones in any home, office or industrial space. Under the desk at work, out in the workshop, in the basement on concrete floors. The solution is a wonderful  Woo Warmer. With three different sizes, there will be one to suit any situation.

So, don’t wait – see how a Hot Carpet® can warm up your life today! You will love Hot Carpet® as much as we do.